3D Printed Day of the Dead Filigree Mask

3D Printed Day of the Dead Filigree Mask

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This 3d Printed Mask is perfect for any Day of the Dead celebration. Printed in light & comfortable PLA plastic, it’s easy to wear and fits lightly around your eyes, nose and mouth. You can secure it on with a ribbon (included) or with just a few dabs of spirit gum (not included.)

I designed the pattern using sumi ink brush pens, digitized, converted then printed the design as a flat mask. It was then heat-formed to the human face shape. This mask comes in two available sizes, adult and child, and can be painted black or white, or left the original silver color of the PLA filament. Glitter embossing and crystal coatings are also available. 



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Dimensions 2 × 4 × 5 in


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