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Tiara/Headband inspired by Wonder Woman – Cosplay


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Another Note: These are now made with an extra coating of finish to smooth out the 3d printed lines, and are now more true to the original style of our favorite heroine. 

This simple, yet elegant tiara rests on your forehead and resembles the style of the latest version of Wonder Woman. Great for cosplay or Halloween, this piece is lightweight and easy to wear with a ribbon, pins or invisible elastic that hides discreetly under your hair. Available shiny gold, burnished bronze or tarnished and grizzled from battle (pictured.)

Attachment notes:
– Elastic cord is invisible, but it’s one-size fits all. I make these kind of large, so if it’s too big, you can tie it into a knot to shorten them. 
– Selecting “no attachment” means you probably will want to apply your tiara with spirit gum. You can get this at most party/halloween shops, or I like to use nail glue found at walgreens. Just be careful when removing- use acetone or a strong nail polish remover to avoid harming your skin. 
– Selecting ribbon means you get black ribbon attached to both sides, and you tie it behind your head. 

9″ band (elastic or ribbon not included)
Front emblem 2″ tall

Children’s sizes available! The tiara is 80% of the original size, perfect for smaller heads.

Additional information

Dimensions 3 × 6 × 2 in


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