This Week’s Woot Derby & The Obscure Shirt

This week’s derby theme is a fun one – toys! I created two shirts for this one. One’s a little saucy and one’s a bit wholesome, but also incredibly obscure. If you haven’t watched the movie The Hudsucker Proxy  -go do it! It’s a really fantastic film. The Coen bros at their finest. Please vote for me here:

Bravery – An internet epitaph about toys and their various uses (Kinda NSFW.) 

The T-Shirt Proxy – A shirt providing an homage to one of my all-time favorite movies. 

You know -for torsos.

I do love a good obscure t-shirt design. It kind of brings together those who love things that didn’t get a lot of acclaim. I have a tattoo of a melting clock on my wrist, and I straight up LOVE it when fellow Dali enthusiasts recognize it. It’s both a conversation starter and a lure for other art lovers.

The obscure shirt is also great, because it helps introduce new ideas and themes to people who haven’t seen them before. Telling folks about my favorite movies is also a thing I love. Who doesn’t?

Anyway, vote for my stuff and look out for next week’s derby, where we take organic things and make them mecha, and mechanic things and bring them to life. I’ve got some cool creepy ideas for this one.


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